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We assist our clients in the oil and gas industry to obtain the essential contracts required for exploration. We do this by delivering first class mineral title, leasing and contract negotiating services.
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Curtis Turner
President of
Turner Petroleum Land Services, inc.
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Turner Petroleum Land Services, Inc. is a full service Oil and Gas Landman Brokerage. We support the oil, gas and mining industries with services including:
Mineral and surface ownership search of Federal, State and County records primarily in Utah, Western Wyoming an d Western Colorado. 
Negotiate oil and gas leases in the above mentioned states including bidding on leases at Federal and State oil and gas lease sales.
Negotiate rights-of-way and access agreements for the drilling of oil and gas wells, construction of pipelines, power lines, etc.
Negotiate land and property purchases.
Create abstracts for drilling and division order title opinions.
Oil and Gas transaction due diligence.
Conduct any other petroleum field landman related work that clients may require.
Relocation of workforce (*real estate services).
Residential and commercial real estate (*Utah license).
TPLS has the landmen and support staff to handle large or small projects and prides itself in the integrity that we display in dealing with the public. We also pride ourselves on the prompt service we render to our clients. Whether the job is a 10 year leasing project or just getting a few copies for an abstract, give us a call.
*As Realtor and Agent of Exit Realty Plus, Midvale, UT.
Brief History of Turner Petroleum Land Services, Inc.
Turner Petroleum Land Services, Inc. came into existence out of the oil crash of 1985. Clint Turner founded TPLS as a Sole Proprietorship on January 1, 1987, and was incorporated January 1, 1997. Before becoming an Independent Landman, Clint was employed by Texas Eastern Corporation as Land Manager of its Rocky Mountain Division. He started in the oil and gas business in 1968 and has over 45 years experience in the oil and gas industry from retail, refining and exploration. Clint served as President of the Utah Association of Petroleum and Mining Landmen in 1981-82.

Curtis Turner started with TPLS in 1994 to help Clint grow and expand the company. He started his landman career as most do, spending years in the county recorder’s offices running title and creating mineral ownership reports for the leasing agents; later becoming a manager of the field landman crews and a leasing and right-of-way agent. Over the years Curtis was involved in many due diligence projects and the development of two prospects from initial conception to drilling operations.
Curtis also has an active real estate license, is a sales agent with Exit Realty and a member of the National Association of Realtors.

In 2013 Curtis became President and sole stockholder.
Clint Turner is still performing duties with TPLS as consultant and right-of-way agent.
Recently, I was asked by my real estate broker to teach a class on how mineral ownership can affect the surface owner’s land use.
A few of our previous and current clients include:
As you can see from the list below, we specialize in the oil and gas producing regions of Utah
Pennzoil (Utah)
Devon Energy (Utah)
QEP Resources (Utah)
Anadarko Petroleum (Utah)
Berry Petroleum (Utah)
Gasco/Badlands (Utah)
 Bill Barrett Corp. (Utah)
Finley Resources (Utah)
Ute Energy (Utah)
Coastal Oil & Gas Corp. (Utah)
Westport Oil & Gas Corp., LP (Utah)
Samson Resources (Wyoming)
EOG Resources (Utah)
Nation Fuel Corp. (Utah)
Atlantic Richfield Co. (Utah)
EnerVest (Utah)
​Davis and Cannon, LLP (Wyoming)
Rig II, LLC (Utah)
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9624 South Vance Ct.
South Jordan, UT 84009
(801) 891-2059 (Cell)
The TPLS Oil & Gas Report
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  1. Oil Prices Are On The Rise
    16 Dec, 2016
    Oil Prices Are On The Rise
    It looks like oil prices are on the rise. OPEC says they are going to cut production but will they actually follow through with it? Check out the rest of the article linked below.  http://www.oilandgas360.com/opec-cut-puts-market-backwardation-first-time-two-years/
  2. God made a dog
    24 Jan, 2016
    God made a dog
    This is a must see. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDrabmm421I
  3. Utah BLM Lease Sale
    23 Jan, 2016
    Utah BLM Lease Sale
    Here is my latest rant: Soon the BLM will hold their February Oil and Gas lease sale. This one will mark a change in the way they will hold these quarterly events. At the end of last year they succumbed to pressure by protesters to allow anyone to be at the sale. Before you had to actually be a bidding participant or a person helping the bidder, such as coworker, business partners, etc. The protesters said they should have the right to be in the room, even though they were not there to do
  4. When is the oil price recovery?
    23 Jan, 2016
    When is the oil price recovery?
    Paal Kibsgaard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Schlumberger thinks the oil price slump is going to turn around in 2017. But my question is when in 2017. Is it going to be the first quarter that we see a noticeable upswing in new drilling? Or are we going to have to wait until the end of 2017? Clint Turner, previous owner of TPLS can’t remember a time that it was this bad in the oil industry. He started back in 1968 and lived through the drop in 1985-87 when prices went to $12/bbl. With
  5. Read your contracts!
    21 Jan, 2016
    Read your contracts!
    I just want to put out a friendly reminder to READ YOUR CONTRACTS! Yes, this article rant is being written because I got bit by another contract with clauses that make it very hard to cancel a service. Everyone knows about the contract that states that there will be a cancellation fee if the service is cancelled in the first year. How many of us assume that all contracts are this way and if we make it past the first year then all charges and services will be on a month to month basis. Read the
  6. New regulations for Colorado?
    27 Dec, 2015
    New regulations for Colorado?
    I looks like there is a growing movement to create more regulations, but now at the local level, in Colorado. Here in Utah, some of the counties have adopted setback regulations to help create standard rules for everyone. These rules have not stopped drilling but have helped put everyone on notice of both the rights and limits of the operator and surface owner. What happens in other states can have a great impact to ours and it is important to know what is going on, so please check out the
  7. Bill Barrett Corp logo
    02 Dec, 2015
    Bill Barrett Corporation sells non core assets
    Bill Barrett Corporation, one of the larger producers in the Uintah Basin of Utah, has sold their no core assets. Press release below. http://www.oilandgas360.com/bill-barrett-corporation-announces-closing-of-non-core-asset-divestitures/
  8. Green Energy
    02 Dec, 2015
    Green Energy
    Below is a great article that I think is a must read. There is so much content to be discussed here but it really shows the large picture of the green energy proponent's strategy and determination to rid the planet of oil and gas companies.  http://www.oilandgas360.com/fossil-fuel-v-renewable-energy-did-green-slip-through-the-door-while-north-american-oil-gas-companies-were-busy-creating-the-shale-boom/
  9. Oil production for September
    02 Dec, 2015
    Oil production for September
    It has been awhile since my last post but I have been busy and not much is really going on in Utah on the oil and gas front.  One thing that did surprise me was the small change in production that occurred in the country as a whole. I though more wells would be shut-in or at least curtailed. See the numbers below. http://www.eia.gov/petroleum/production/
  10. Thanksgiving Recipes #1
    01 Nov, 2015
    Thanksgiving Recipes #1
    Now that Halloween is over let us all look forward to Thanksgiving. The Holliday of food, football and shopping adds. I have decided to change up my blog a bit and focus on helping people break the monotony of the “normal Thanksgiving dinner”. Check out the whole article at: http://www.curtis.exitrealtyplusutah.com/blog/2015/11/01/thanksgiving-recipe-1/